with Dr Lyle Rapacki

Welcome to Arizona Today, website of Dr. Lyle Rapacki.

For access to premium content register here:  What is included in premium content?  I am committed to making the premium section fun, educational and thought provoking, as well as entertaining.  I will rotate some books for your consideration, each of which are practical for what we are facing today by those wishing to collapse our exceptional nation.  I look forward to developing the means by which premium members are able to engage with selected guests from ARIZONA TODAY, and have your questions directly answered by them.  Along those same lines developing the means by which a special Zoom Cast can be held just for premium members with unique subject-matter specialists on topics YOU choose, you would like discussed. Thank you most sincerely for supporting the critical work I am accomplishing. Thank you for your trust and the financial support I do not take for granted.  Thank you for helping me keep the lights on when so many information sites are now closing or worse, being shut down!
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