Benjamin Franklin cautioned his fellow founders of America while addressing the Constitutional Convention on June 28, 1787, with these words: “God Governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?”

Our founders had a strong sense of God’s presence in the work they were accomplishing birthing this nation. They reminded themselves frequently so none of them would forget. Maybe it was so they reminded each other in whose service they truly were. But something bad has happened in America, and it didn’t occur overnight or over a few years but over many decades. Americans lost their desire to cooperate with God, much less trust Him in the affairs of State. When man begins to amass almost god-like power over the lives of people all sense of moral restraint is tossed aside. When man sits in seats of power, regardless of level, and the office holder has control over the mechanisms that shape society, tyranny is the natural result unless that office holder learns to submit (cooperate) with the order by which our founders walked in submission to God as the author of our exceptional nation.

Today the rising tides of apathy, corruption, greed, and deceit overwhelm the bulwarks erected by our founders. We are living through a time when the forces that despised this experiment in government called America has mustered massive sobering forces of evil and darkness to snuff the candlelight of freedom, and render America nearly impotent. You see…it has been because of the principles of freedom and morality from which we were birthed as a nation, and by covenant made to God by George Washington in his Inaugural Address as our First President, that America has been viewed as a shining city upon a hill for all to see, and some even attempt to emulate. We are an exceptional nation founded on exceptional principles, and these principles were enshrined in our founding documents. If those documents are destroyed the foundation of our nation is lost. If our foundation is lost the whole structure of America crumbles under the weight of godless tyranny.

The forces of darkness and intense hatred for all things America are circling, even at city, county and state levels. Many still do not see the danger outside their door or simply do not believe it so. We are at a pivotal turning point in America, and this includes at county and state levels. We better find strong leaders, not mere politicians or office seekers maneuvering to move up in position. We better find those willing to serve and protect our sovereignty, and ensure the voices of our fellow citizens are heard, not merely placated.

I have chosen to stand and fight the good fight to preserve the gift given to us by our founders. I am asking you to join me. Please go to rap4yavapai.com
to help me, to stand with me and push back against those who do not want to hear from citizens anymore.

A most heartfelt thankyou!
Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.
Candidate – Yavapai County Supervisor – District #1
America First Candidate

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