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Arizona Today 26 July 2023 – Did Maricopa County Deliberately Break Election Laws?

Prescott, Arizona 86301

Tuesday –
July the 25th, 2023
1320Hrs; M.S.T. (Arizona)

One of the highest responsibilities of any elected official is to preserve, defend and serve the freedoms and privileges given to us by our founders. For an elected official not to do all he or she can to preserve the freedoms and privileges automatically demonstrates they do not serve We The People, but some other force and not for the good! The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, along with various county administrators, and even some state legislators, should be absolutely ashamed of their continuous obstruction to righting the wrongs of the past two elections – 2020 and 2022. It is appalling these supposed “servants of the people” invented ways to delay, obstruct, conceal, and out and out lie on matters associated with the past two elections. The hard irrefutable evidence shows implicitly collusion by county officials at various levels to deliberately, and even maliciously hide evidence demonstrating a seriously flawed and compromised election system. Every county official across Arizona should be asserting themselves to make damn certain their county does NOT have such a heinous disruption and corruption of the electoral process. Whatever it takes should be the call by every county and city individual with responsibility to present clean and fair elections.

The actions of Maricopa County during the 2022 election affected all counties in Arizona. Below are valid questions detailed in the attached report every citizen should demand answers to, and not rest until received. You cannot hold one county, Cochise County to one standard, and have a completely different standard for another, i.e. Maricopa County. There MUST be penalties and justice meted out for these allegations if they prove true. We MUST have clean and fair elections, or the Republic will break.

1. Did Maricopa County deviate from the Elections Procedure Manual (EPM) by not counting and recording the number of drop box ballots retrieved from each location on Election Day?

2. Did Maricopa County deviate from the EPM by failing to create an inspection board log?

3. Did Maricopa County deviate from the EPM by transferring an unknown number of ballots without documentation?

4. Did Maricopa County deviate from the EPM by failing to maintain ballot chain of custody?

5. Did Maricopa County fail to produce public records and misrepresented the existence of the records during trial?

6. Did Maricopa County deviate from the EPM by inaccurately reporting the quantity of election day drop box ballots to the public, the Arizona Department of State, and the courts?

The author of this document stands behind all of the allegations made. They can be reached at Verity Vote, Phone (717) 220-8683. Source for the attached document:



Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.
Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist
Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment
Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association
U.S. Border Intelligence Group
ASIS International
Association For Intelligence Officers
Association of Threat Assessment Professionals – Arizona ATAP
International Association Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts

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