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Arizona Today 04/07/2022 – Arizona Attorney General Reports Serious Election Violations


BY Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.
Host and Commentator
April the 7th, 2022

Attached is a Report of Findings from the Arizona Attorney General regarding the fraud and multiple issues associated with the last national election held in November of 2020; you know, the election where President Trump was “soundly defeated” and Biden takes over the White House.

Many so-called conservatives made statements that NO election fraud or shenanigans occurred. Even after the first Joint Legislative Public Hearing held in Maricopa County, Arizona where Mayor Giuliani presented with his team of constitutional attorneys and cyber-security specialists, along with witnesses who testified to the various serious lack of voter integrity issues that presented, there were office holders and office-holder wantabees who boldly espoused they did not believe any fraud or election irregularity occurred. They were proud to espouse their sophomoric opinions and rhetoric to any and all who would listen. Maybe, they thought, by doing such they would be viewed as center of the road, not ultra-conservative, user friendly and available to be elected to some office of their desire. No matter what preliminary evidence or information based on first-hand knowledge presented on ARIZONA TODAY by key individuals directly involved with the gathering of evidence and the call for a full forensic evaluation, there was catcalling by liberal conservatives, RINOs, establishment folks, who sneered at the tedious work being accomplished to set the record straight regarding the November 2020 election.

The attached report by the Arizona Attorney General is a major step toward full disclosing those involved who should be arrested and prosecuted; a major step toward exposing the multi-dimensional sophisticated acts that violated the integrity of our electoral process. May I add that due to the Statute of Limitations whereby any charges brought are up against a time limit that may already have expired, exposure of elected officials who corrupted the electoral process could be accomplished, the issue of voting integrity and changes to law securing voter integrity could now be sent to the Arizona Legislature for formal enactments. Mind you, the Great State of Wisconsin, in multiple counties, is now shouting for decertification of the November 2020 election based on the myriad evidence presented in Arizona, and then Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania.

To be sure, this fight to expose heinous corruption and collusion in the 2020 election has been time consuming and costly in many ways. Those directly involved exposing the diabolical schemes and acts couple with confronting socialists and RINOs have paid a real cost in true financial terms, emotionally and politically. This fight is not over, neither is the attempt to totally collapse the electoral process as given to us by our founders. Marxists are tirelessly working to change America into something it was never, ever intended to become. I pray citizens at all levels step-up and fight back not merely talk the talk!
Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.


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