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The LORD said this about Arizona! Prophetic Word!!


        LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D.



Tuesday –

December the 7th, 2021





       Host and Commentator

      December the 7th, 2021


Eighty years ago today, December 7, 1941, America was attacked at Pearl Harbor.  The attack was devastating, and only by God’s Hand did the enemy not return for a second and finishing round, and then move directly toward the west coast of the United States.  Today, a much similar attack has occurred, and is being fought with vengeance in the spiritual realm over our nation.  I have stated on my show, in writing, and in speeches the heinous and well-designed attack on our National Election last November was deliberate and very thorough – look at America today in all realms compared to a year ago then soberly ponder your reflection.


The Spiritual Warfare over our country is real.  Regardless whether the church at-large wants to discuss this, much less confront the full-out assault, the Spiritual Warfare is real, it is heinous, it is costly in a multitude of ways, and one of the prime targets is the forensic audit that occurred, legislative hearings to address the findings of the forensic audit, and over 200 legislators in multiple states now calling for a complete review of the last national election within their own state, as was accomplished in Arizona.


As I write this commentary, the myriad of assaults on those of us exposing the darkness that has marched against Arizona is quite costly.  While many still go about their day oblivious, there are those fighting a vicious set of battles to expose the political and spiritual diabolical dimensions.  The few Arizona legislators sufficiently brave to step-up and fulfill their oaths of office to expose the sinister acts perpetrated much like those in Pearl Harbor, a majority of the audit team from the volunteers to the professional cyber-security specialists, and still others of us who have reported and/or worked behind the scenes to protect the sanctity of the vote given to us by our Forefathers, all have been clobbered in some ways.  I lost a precious woman who was liked dropped from the heavens, she pulled back and put up a wall; she was a breath of much needed fresh air as I sludge through the miasma.  This loss is minor to the near financial ruin of several who worked to expose the darkness, the loss of positions, legislators facing Impeachment or Recall, relations where a relational wall was built overnight, and the ever favorite character assassination.  The cost emotionally, financially, professionally, and even spiritually has been far greater than a preponderance of people know or wish to learn.  


BUT GOD!  He is at work, and for reasons I can’t explain, He has chosen to begin sending His message across this Land named America from the sunshine State of Arizona.  May the message below minister to you.  May the message truly speak and cause you to go before the Lord of lords and King of kings, and seek His direction as to how you may join the growing Remnant fighting the good fight – NO…not merely about ballot fraud, but about the lack of repentance and humbling no longer seen in the church at-large, and known so very well by our Forefathers as they sought the Lord every step creating this Nation under God.  Our exceptional Nation better return to submission (cooperation) with the Ancient of Days (Attiq Yomin – Daniel 7:9, 13 God is the ultimate authority. He will one day judge all nations) or America shall surely fall!


Please review the message below sent to me by an intercessor and fellow warrior.  She has been praying and lifting me up, as well as my State of Arizona.  May the message below touch you in a mighty and inspired manner, and may you, also, fall to your knees and seek direction from The Lord (Adonai – Deuteronomy 6:4 God alone is the head over all). 


Website:  arizonz2day.com

Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.




Host and Commentator

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