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Dr Lyle Rapacki

Arizona Today 09/29/21 – Arizona Forensic Audit Non-disclosure Agreement Lifted

The link below will take you to a very nice series of quick interviews from former forensic audit workers.  These fellow citizens came from every walk of life within Maricopa County, Arizona.  Their heart-felt love for the privilege of being a part of such a significant moment in time is remarkable, and their sincere desire to make certain one of our most basic rights and privileges is not compromised, or worse, is equally remarkable.  Over 1,500 were involved with the Maricopa County Forensic Audit and Evaluation.  You are about to meet a few, and if I’m not mistaken, these believers in America and our founding principles will touch your heart. 

          At this late date, and with an abundance of valid evidence now published, for anyone to still question if this was all a mere conspiracy theory is beyond insane.  Either pure denial took hold with such an individual or they are more the problem than the answer; they may also be in line with  “establishment-think.”  The citizens you will meet care deeply about the electoral process, and they had no patience with anyone trapped in political or preconceived ideology that shuns criminal evidence that far exceeds the threshold for a formal criminal investigation to be launched.  The Arizona Attorney General has been handed the 100+ page Report of Findings to the senate on the audit.  The alleged crimes stipulated in the report are sobering.  So now a clock begins…will there be indictments and arrests!? 



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